How early should I place my order?
For orders larger than 10 dozen, we prefer 1 week's notice. For smaller orders, we recommend ordering 48 hours in advance.

Can I buy cookies in the bakery?
Absolutely! You can buy fresh-baked cookies directly from the case when the bakery is open. If you're planning to buy in large quantities or looking for specific varieties, however, we recommend placing an advance order.

How does delivery work?
We deliver cookies throughout the Metro area for a $15 charge per delivery.

Can cookies be shipped outside of the Metro area?
Yes! We ship cookies via Priority Mail with the US Postal Service throughout the United States for a flat shipping fee of $15. We also ship internationally using USPS express mail for an additional charge of $50.

Your cookies will arrive within 2-3 days from the shipment date.  Please let us know the approximate arrival date and we will try our best to accommodate!